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    Leadership conference, courses, and resources for people addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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    2024 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum

    Expand your network, grow your influence, deepen your leadership skills with 1300 dynamic leaders from 100 countries.

    May 7-8 | Virtual

    Live programming in 25 timezones

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    Bring WILD’s customizable leadership courses in-house to develop leaders at every level in your organization.

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    Discover transformative events throughout the year that support you and your organization to thrive and have the greatest impact.

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    Get actionable insights

    Leave every WILD event with actionable steps to apply to your life and organization. Learn techniques from internationally recognized leadership experts in the global development and aid sectors.

    Contribute to the conversation

    Inequitable environments are detrimental to everyone working in them. Therefore, in our conversations around inclusion, we welcome male and dominant perspectives alongside underrepresented voices.

    Step into leadership opportunities

    We connect leaders at different stages of their careers to learn from one another’s experiences and inspire each other to greater effectiveness in their own context.

    Hear from different voices

    We invite people from across backgrounds, countries, and leadership levels to shape our events, offer fully-funded WILD Forum fellowships to women in aid-recipient countries, and hold open calls for speakers.

    Celebrate achievement

    By unpacking what went right, we can also learn from each other’s successes – and take away proven strategies to apply elsewhere.

    Read about our impact

    Our focus on actionable information is supporting organizations around the globe to take new actions that drive gender inclusion.

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    At the 2023 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum:

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