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    Leadership Coaching

    Empower your people to discover and implement their own solutions

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    You’re the experts on the global development challenges your organization is tackling – which is why the most powerful insights and strategies lie within your teams.

    Through a trust partnership with a certified coach, they’ll unlock unexpected ideas, start to build more strategic relationships, and improve their confidence to embrace and learn from feedback.

    And, they’ll grow their ability to invest in and delegate to others – making the shift from doing, to leading.

    What is coaching?

    Leadership coaching guides your teams to explore, reflect and think differently about the roadblocks and opportunities they face.

    Rather than providing you with solutions or ideas, a coach helps your people to unlock their own imagination, productivity and leadership, so they can scale and accelerate the impact of the work they are doing.

    Explore leadership coaching

    When I first started with my coach, I didn’t know how much I would benefit from the opportunity to be introspective about my career, think about how I wanted to show up as a leader, and learn about how who I am as a person impacts the work that I do every day.

    Mary DevlinDirector of Operations, Tanager, USA

    Transform your effectiveness with tailored leadership development

    As a development organization, you rightly focus on achieving positive impact through your work.

    That can leave little resource to grow and develop the leaders who will drive effective change over the longer term – which is why all our programs are customized to provide maximum sustainable impact in your context.

    What you’ll gain
    • Grow an internal pipeline of future leaders by empowering and equipping effective changemakers across your workforce
    • Increase your ability to take on more ambitious projects by providing workers throughout your organization with the skills to spearhead initiatives
    • Build a culture of meaningful collaboration, creativity and agility to multiply your impact within your field
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    2 ways to benefit from leadership coaching

    Team coaching

    Effective collaboration does not happen naturally. It must be designed

    We work with your team to clarify its structure, purpose, composition and internal norms, in order to improve the whole team’s performance.

    Clients consistently report that they are clearer, more aligned, more strategically focused and increasingly skilled in taking swift and coordinated action as a result of the team development process.

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    Individual coaching

    Enable workers to access their own resourcefulness, creativity and resilience through 1-1 coaching sessions

    Coaching provides a cycle of reflection and action, progressively deepening your awareness and understanding through conversation, then translating these insights into action.

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    Can’t access coaching through your organization?

    You can also contact us about individual coaching plans

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