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Women with disabilities leading change

    Over 1 billion individuals worldwide live with a disability, constituting the largest minority group. While no global data exists regarding indigenous persons with disabilities, they are disproportionately likely to experience disability and face multiple discrimination. To address these challenges authentically and sustainably, it is essential for those most impacted to be at the forefront of action.

    This community conversation will be led by Ipul Powaseu, Co-Chair of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Assembly of Disabled Persons and Senior Program Manager, Disability Inclusion of the PNG Women Lead Program. She will speak about her experiences as a leader both domestically and on the global stage (including as an Indigenous Papua New Guinean; challenges and key barriers to leadership for women with disabilities; why the leadership of women with disabilities is important; and how to build the next generation of these leaders.

    Ipul Powaseu, Sr. Program Manager-Disability Inclusion, Abt Global

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