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    Women of Color

    Build your community and advance your career

    Women of color smiling around table

    A unique and exclusive space for women of color to find and foster connection, collaboration and effective leadership within your organization.

    Support an authentically inclusive culture by giving women of color in your workforce the tools to:

    • grow valuable networks within and beyond your organization
    • build meaningful community and partnership with others in the workplace 
    • step into higher levels of responsibility and leadership

    You know the needs of your organization best – so we’ll work closely with you to co-create a tailored leadership development program that supports women of color within your organization to thrive, lead, and grow in effectiveness.

    Register for our open enrollment course
    (Oct 10th & Oct 18th, 9am – 12pm ET)

    $800 USD per person
    • 6 hours of live, virtual sessions across 2 half days (Oct 10th & Oct 18th, 9am – 12pm ET)
    • Access to LinkedIn Alumni Group

    Bring this program to your organization
    (min. 12 people)

    $800 USD per person
    • 6 hours of live, virtual sessions across 1 day or 2 half days (in person also available upon request)
    • Access to LinkedIn Alumni Group
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    The Women of Color program is for

    Women in all stages of their careers who identify as women of color and work in global development. This includes Black, Brown, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, SE Asian, Multi-Racial, Pacific-islander, Middle Eastern people, and more.

    Titles of women who participate in this program include:

    Business Development Director, CEO, Executive Director, Graphic Designer, Program Analyst, Senior Program Officer, and more.

    No matter your age or position, this program will help you grow and foster connections.

    The Women of Color Program really helped me deepen my understanding of who I am in so many ways. I thought I’d been leading for more than 20 years, but even then, there was so much I learned from the younger generation. For me, it was that opportunity to just hear them, understand them. And as a leader who is older, it helped me to think about how I interact with the younger colleagues in my own organization. It was really informative to be in this cross-generational forum, to be able to not be there as a leader but to be there as one of the participants.

    Dorothy NyambiPresident/CEO, MEDA, Canada, Participant, WILD Women of Color Program

    What participants can expect

    Participating in the Women of Color: Build Your Community & Advance Your Career course, will help you to deepen your relationships with colleagues, give voice and clarity to your career goals, empower you to have difficult conversations and the confidence to expand your network within and beyond your organization.

    We will share a pre-course survey with you, and ask that you complete the week prior to the course start date. Your answers will reflect your learning style, expectations and goals. This will help us to better shape the course to meet your needs.

    Participation will also give you access to the broader community of past course participants that will allow for ongoing networking, and building your community.

    I’m consistently one of very few black women and black people in the room. Being with this posse of other women who regularly face this situation allows me to share my experience comfortably. I have laughed, and cried with this group and I know they’ve got my back going forward.


    What we’ll cover

    Purpose Identification

    Purpose and vision ground us in where we focus our time and energy. We’ll focus on a step by step method to get to a purpose and vision statement for a specific area in your career that you want to focus on professionally.

    Goal Alignment

    Once you know what your purpose and vision are in a specific area you’re interested in working on, it’s time to attribute goals that align with your purpose and vision.

    Network Audit

    Who are the people in your network that can support you (and you can support) and how do you activate them in service of your goals?

    Outreach Roadmap

    A roadmap for engaging with new, and existing network connections. Finding ways most comfortable to you, that highlight your thought leadership and subject matter expertise.

    Action Planning

    How will you in short, medium and long term steps incorporate your strengths, goals and network connections into your daily life and your professional roadmap?

    Your session leader

    Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey

    Global Head of community inclusion programs for Women of Color at Google

    Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey’s work at Google is in service of women of color and parents/caregivers to create community where it doesn’t naturally exist, and to influence the policies, programs and processes that impact their sense of belonging and inclusion at Google.

    Stephanie was born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Stevens Institute of Technology and completed her bachelors of engineering degree in Electrical Engineering before starting her career in the finance industry. She then pivoted her career to digital media, where she spent over 10 years in Advertising Operations at major media conglomerates such as Forbes Media, FOX News Digital, and NBC News Digital.

    The part about ‘How are you going to contribute? How are you going to help other people? And how are you going to use your network to do that?’ – especially the use of the network, engaging the network, that has always been a challenge of mine. And so those tips that Stephanie provided, the action plans that she encouraged us to develop, I think is where I found the most value.

    Vivian AgbeghaSenior Technical Adviser, Palladium, USA

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