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Manager Essentials course

Give managers the skills to be effective

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A primer of core leadership skills for managers or HR professionals aiming to ingrain proven leadership principles into their organizations

Too often, new managers are thrown into the deep end of a supervisory or managerial position with little-to-no training on what it means to be an effective leader or what it takes to be a good manager. As a result, up to 50% of first-time managers fail within the first year.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Time to do away with the school of hard knocks and create an in-the-moment learning program that your organization, and managers, need. Each Manager Essentials program is customized to support your corporate strategy, goals, and values, and focuses on the core skills for successful people management.

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The Manager Essentials course is for

New or aspiring managers

Identify and acquire core leadership skills to become an effective manager. 

Experienced managers

Hit the ground running in new roles by refreshing fundamental leadership skills. 

Human resource or L&D professionals

Ingrain consistent leadership principles into your entire organization.

I often did not provide feedback that would come off as not positive on my direct report. I am now communicating by reinforcing the positive and providing guidance on areas of improvement. The response has been great and it is helping build supervisor/supervisee work relation and improvements.

ParticipantManager Essentials Course

Transform your effectiveness with tailored leadership development

As a development organization, you rightly focus on achieving positive impact through your work.

That can leave little resource to grow and develop the leaders who will drive effective change over the longer term – which is why all our programs are customized to provide maximum sustainable impact in your context.

What you’ll gain
  • Grow an internal pipeline of future leaders by empowering and equipping effective changemakers across your workforce
  • Increase your ability to take on more ambitious projects by providing workers throughout your organization with the skills to spearhead initiatives
  • Build a culture of meaningful collaboration, creativity and agility to multiply your impact within your field
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What we’ll cover

Session 1

The characteristics of great bosses

Technical skills may get you a seat at the table, but people skills are what determine long-term success.

Session 2

Why feedback is the breakfast of champions

Learn how to reframe hard conversations and turn feedback loops into your competitive advantage.

Session 3

The dynamics of a peer coaching circle

Introducing leadership training into your organization without reinventing the wheel!

Session 4

Cultivate winning relationships

Build long-lasting professional relationships that span your entire career and are mutually beneficial.

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I am making a conscious effort to check in and show that I care about the people that I work with.

ParticipantManager Essentials Course
Registration fee

$550 USD per person

  • 4.5 hours of live sessions 
  • 50% off Virtual Pass to our [2023 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum] ($695 USD Value)
  • Open discussion members area