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    Content for leaders at all stages in their careers who want to expand their leadership skills and create inclusive company cultures.

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    Elevating strong & inclusive leadership for global development professionals

    Choose from topics that range from how to incorporate coaching into your leadership style, to mindfulness and how to build cultures of equity, diversity inclusion and belonging.

    40 on-demand sessions are available to you.

    Content has been curated from the Women in Global Development Leadership Forum, and other WILD events.

    Men, Why Gender Equality is Our Fight
    Pushing Boundaries for Social Change (While Maintaining Your Health)
    Leadership FailLab

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging – Sample what’s available

    Here’s a taste of what’s available inside the WILD Network Online Learning Hub, from our DEIB catalog.

    Gender, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey of an INGO (2021 – ASL Interpreted)
    How Do We Make DEI Part of Our Organizational DNA (2021 – ASL Interpreted)
    Are We Talking About a Revolution? Power, Authority and Accountability in the Global Dev Sector (2021)
    USAID’s Journey to Bold and Inclusive Leadership (2021)

    As the international development industry reckons with its historical and current-day DEI challenges, ever wonder what major donor organizations like USAID are doing to address these issues? 

    Forget Diversity…Now Let’s Talk About Equity (2020)
    Data is Power: How Diverse is the Global Development Sector? (2021 – ASL Interpreted)

    The latest survey data results of racial and gender composition of slices of the global development sector that allow us to benchmark the state of our sector.

    Leverage Your In-House Gender Experts: Support for Internal Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (2020)
    Be the Change: A Small Business’s Journey Towards Achieving Gender and Inclusion from the Inside (2020)

    Webinar: Be the parent your teen – and you – wants and needs you to be (2022)

    What Else Is In the Learning Hub?

    The leading knowledge management platform for resources to advance inclusive leadership in the global development sector.

    • Self-paced learning
    • Concrete take-aways
    • Diverse speakers
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