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Let’s be honest – women leaders face distinct challenges in multi-cultural environments related to gender, cultural norms, and leadership styles. At the same time, the sector promotes women’s advancement – both overseas and in our home offices. As the industry transitions to locally-owned development programs, organizations will offer more opportunities for women leaders. In fact, development goals as defined in USAID’s Journey to Self-Reliance and the Sustainable Development Goals require the advancement of women in leadership roles. In this session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of strategies to thrive while overcoming the unique difficulties related to being a woman leader in multi-cultural/global environments at the personal, organizational and industry level. Industry leaders and global experts will share techniques to navigate leadership challenges in order leverage these opportunities. The emphasis of this session is on the individual and how women can navigate the opportunities and challenges that the operating environment (their companies and the development industry) offers them.

Kerri-Ann Guyah, Associate, Abt Associates Kelly Saldaña, Director of the Office of Health Systems, USAID Lisa Tarantino, Principal Associate, Abt Associates Linda Sharkey, Global Advisory Board Member, Best Practice Institute