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As the landscape of international development changes, more and more women are stepping into the role of Chief of Party, with some also serving as Country Director. In this session, women who have successfully reached and excelled in this role will share what makes women successful COPs. They will address challenges inherent to the role of COP across the board as well as those specific to women in these roles, including negotiating around difficult environments, cultural norms, gender equity and dynamics. Women seeking a path to project leadership will hear experience and advice from those who have been there. In addition, the session will explore ways women in project offices are currently being supported or can be better supported as they develop in their careers.

Jenn Williamson, Managing Director for Gender and Social Inclusion
ACDI/VOCA Georgia Beans, Vice President, Quality, Accountability, and Learning
ACDI/VOCA Kavita Chambery, Project Director ACDI/VOCA (Kenya) Christel Tshikudi, Chief of Party ACDI/VOCA (Ghana)