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The coach approach leadership style

    Feeling like you never have enough time? Or are you struggling with overwhelm, stress and burnout not being a ‘normal’ part of working in the development field? It’s caused by using a traditional approach to leadership, which actually produces fewer results and creates negative mental and emotional outcomes for leaders and teams.

    Join this session to learn how to use your time differently as a humanitarian leader, to increase your impact with less time, and without the overwhelm and burnout you are experiencing now.

    Facilitator Torrey Peace will demonstrate through her own 12 year journey as an aid worker as well as her findings from teaching over 200 humanitarian and development leaders that it’s not about doing more – it’s about leading differently by empowering others through a “coach approach”. Torrey and co-facilitator Luna Lutfunnesa demonstrate how the coach approach way of leading takes less time and produces better results long-term than the traditional more directive way of leading, and how it can be applied not only with your team but with implementing partners, community and government.

    Concrete takeaways you can apply immediately: Quality questions you can use to empower your team and those around you and how to overcome challenges new coaches face

    Torrey Peace, Leadership coach, Aid for the Aid workers
    Lutfunnesa Luna, HR Manager, Transition

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