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Navigating the landscape of AI: A framework for social innovation leaders

    This session offers invaluable insights into leveraging AI effectively to address social challenges. Beginning with an overview of the current AI landscape, we delve into a practical framework addressing key questions: Is AI the right solution? How to tailor strategies to organizational capabilities? What does the data landscape entail? And how to source expertise for successful implementation.

    Through mini case studies presented by diverse social innovators, we explore real-world applications, successes, and failures, offering concrete takeaways for attendees to apply in their own contexts. With a commitment to diversity, authenticity, and practicality, this session equips attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of AI in social innovation, empowering them to drive meaningful change in their communities.

    Yucca Reinecke, Manager, EY
    Savita Muley, Chief Product Officer,
    Maaike Steinebach, Founder & CEO, FemTech Future

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