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Modern Achievement: How young leaders’ navigate work and careers on their terms

    Today’s aspiring leaders are redefining achievement. Gone are the days of long-term goal-setting and linear career planning. Young leaders understand achievement as a process for individual empowerment.

    Multiple goals, side hustles, iteration to success, discovering and rediscovering purpose, and portfolio careers are just a few of the new realities. Today’s world is more global, decentralized, dynamic, and diverse than ever before. Rather than just setting goals for achievement, today’s young professionals are focusing on the process of achieving goals, resetting and pivoting to face new realities, and finding happiness in the journey.

    Young leaders, join this session to learn strategies to create the life you want in the workplace

    Older leaders, leave with a greater understanding of how to attract and retain new talent

    As described in Modern Achievement, a new book co-authored by Asheesh Advani and Marshall Goldsmith, young leaders understand achievement as a process for individual empowerment.

    (See for more information about the book and the topic of this session.)

    Asheesh Advani, CEO, JA Worldwide
    Sarah Rapp, Director, Alumni & People Engagement, JA Worldwide
    Aya Youssef, Co-Founder, Steppropriate

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