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Mindfulness Tools for Sustainable Empathy and Compassionate Leadership

Are you an empathetic person prone to taking on other people’s pain and suffering? Could you use an antidote to empathetic distress and the burnout it can lead to? How about a way to hack the neural wiring that determines who’s in your “in group” and your “out group” (a subtle influencer of unconscious bias)?

As a global development professional, you interact with a highly diverse group of colleagues and clients. Stressful work conditions — intensified further during the 2020 pandemic — make it even harder to navigate interactions with other humans from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities. Sure, you started off with a heart full of empathy and compassion when you chose this work. But could you use a tune-up? If the answer is “Nope, I’m good,” how did that last conversation with someone from a different political party go?

In this workshop we’ll:

– Explore the science of empathy and compassion.
– Engage in interactive mindfulness practices that build sustainable empathy and compassion, key attributes of the most effective leaders.
– Ground ourselves to step into the conference with greater clarity of purpose and a reinforced ability to connect.

Speakers: Martha Brettschneider, Damselwings LLC