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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching: Insight & Impact

Athletes train with coaches their whole career, they recognize the power of having someone who can observe them in action and provide feedback, guidance, and recommendations that result in improved performance.  Developing your leadership and management skills is no different, working with an Executive Coach can be the game-changer that you need.

Bring your questions and learn as the panelists share how coaching has personally impacted their own leadership journeys and shifted how people and teams work within their organizations, as well as their own ambition. This is the session for you if you’re considering:

  • Working with a coach or simply curious to learn more about the benefits of coaching.
  • Introducing coaching to your organization as part of your people development strategy.
  • How different coaching formats are benefiting others in the global development sector.


Kathryn Bean, Coaching Foundation.Com
Kwashie Strong, Tetra Tech
Flacia Nyamu, Woven Link
Morag Barrett, SkyeTeam