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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)Leading Organizations

Lead at every level: Making your voice heard and elevating the voices of others for effective disaster response

    Join us for a candid discussion featuring women leaders from grassroots movements and traditionally powerful positions. They will share the daily challenges they encounter and the strategies they employ to ensure that the voices of women, girls, and other marginalized communities are heard and represented in disaster response and recovery efforts.

    Discover firsthand the approaches these leaders use to navigate power dynamics, effectively advocate for their communities, and make strategic decisions that drive meaningful change in the sector. From grassroots organizing to institutional leadership, learn how these women are driving impact and amplifying the voices of those most vulnerable in times of crisis.

    Audience Participation: We invite you to contribute your own experiences and insights to the discussion.

    Vanda Lengkong, Head of DRM, Plan International
    Anita Queirazza, Global Lead on Child Protection, Plan International
    Dr. Sari Mutia Timur, Former UNHCR Ombudsman & Representative in conflict zones, Plan International

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