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    In 2020, OneVillage Partners increased its commitment to “decolonize” their work and more fully shift power to local people in Sierra Leone. Join Jill LaLonde, Executive Director and Sheku Mohamed Gassimu Jr., Director of Partnerships and Programs, as they describe their personal and organizational struggles and solutions to tough questions: Who truly held the reins of power in their community-led programs? What voices steered organizational, strategic, and financial decisions? What changes were needed to more fully align with their values, and what were the accompanying risks and rewards?

    A groundswell within the international development industry is calling for decolonizing aid, shifting power, and localizing development. Discover the tangible transformations OneVillage Partners enacted in response: creating more inclusive and equitable management and governance structures, placing whole-of-organization dialogue at the forefront, and fostering ethical, inclusive, asset-based communications. Uncover their strategies for navigating systemic racism and colonialism, from addressing biases around the capacity of Global South actors to overcoming donor risk-aversion. Engage in a rich discussion of their lived experience, its resonance for your journey, and the next challenges we each face on the path to decolonization.

    Jill LaLonde, Executive Director, OneVillage Partners
    Sheku Mohamed Gassimu, Partnership and Program Director, OneVillage Partners

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