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    The future of leadership

    2025 Women’s Global Leadership Forum

    May 7 | In-person in Washington DC

    May 13 – 15 | Online

    Live programming in 25 timezones

    Welcome to the Speaker Resource Center

    Please review your profile and session information by logging into the WILD Forum online platform, here. Note if you have not yet registered with your provided code, please make sure to do so, in order to access the WILD Forum platform. Bookmark this page to access information quickly in the future.

    Once logged in,

    • Click on “My profile” (in the top righthand corner) and update any information if missing or incorrect
    • Click “My sessions” to see your schedule and add a session description if missing

    Guidance to design your session

    Please sign up - Tech Check

    All speakers are required to participate in a 20-minute interactive “tech check” in the weeks leading up to the WILD Forum. This is to ensure you are comfortable with the technology, familiar with WILD’s producer role, and so on.

    The sign-up link can be found here. If there is more than one speaker during your session, please have all session speakers attend the same tech check.

    Please note, if you are participating in a session with more than one person, it is important that you have at least one separate ‘planning’ meeting before your tech check. The tech check time is specifically to run through the order of your session, and to ensure that you are comfortable with the platform.


    1. Session participants value speakers/presenters who share
      1. Concrete takeaways such as data, research, tools
      2. Candid lessons learned – both what worked and didn’t – and express other forms of authenticity
      3. And, who offer opportunities for interaction
    2. To ensure your session is as success, we ask for you to build interactivity between presenters, and between presenters and the audience.
      Interaction between participants can happen in the chat and via Zoom breakout session rooms.
      Please consider the interactive elements ie. when and for how long this interactive portion will be and bring this information to the tech check session. To make this easy for you, you will have already received your “Run of Show” template. Please keep this template in a Google doc so that we can see live updates and can be sure that we always have the most recent version.

      1. Interaction with presenters can happen via use of the chat box, and by you posing questions to the audience that they then respond to live, either in the chat, or they can be unmuted to come on screen.
      2. Live polls. The platform allows for live polls that participants can answer when they enter the sessions, the results can be shared during the session.


    The 2023 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum will be hosted on the Whova platform. As a presenter, you will be joining via a unique Zoom link. What this means for you:

    • If you are planning to use slides during your presentation, you will broadcast these from your own computer during your session (note: Please share the link to your presentation in the ROS so that we can have it on hand if needed)
    • Presenter(s) and participants will both have access to the chat function. Here, you can share links to documents related to your sessions, participants can comment and exchange etc.
    • Producer/Moderator can unmute people to ask live questions.
    • If you plan to include breakout sessions for smaller group discussions, please include this in your run of show and let the producer know in your tech check.
    • Live polling
    • “On the spot” session evaluations will be used at the close of each session.

    Each session will be assigned a WILD producer who will operate the back-end technology. Specifically, they will post the polls, links you want shared, manage putting people into and out of the breakout sessions.

    Tech Prep & Check List

    Your next steps: now that we’ve given you the background on how to plan a top-notch virtual session, we need you to complete the ROS document. A reminder to keep updating this as a Live Google doc so that we always have the correct version.

    Run of Show (ROS)

    Please consider these questions and incorporate your decisions into the ROS.

    • LINKS: As you are speaking, what links do you want to be shared in the chat & when? Please specify the ‘cue’ so that the producer knows where to do this for you. As an alternative, if you have a close colleague participating, s/he is welcome to do this for you.
    • POLL: What poll question(s) do you want to ask? What are the multiple-choice answers? You can have multiple polls. These will be launched at the beginning of the session, and will be housed in the “poll” section of the chat. You can direct people to this section if you want to make sure everyone has answered.
    • INTERACTIVE BREAKOUT SESSIONS: What is the approximate time during the session that you want participants to go into breakout session groups? What is the cue you will give so that the WILD producer knows when to activate the session? How long do you want the participant to be in the breakout sessions for? What question(s) will the participants discuss (it helps participants if you verbally deliver the questions AND for the question(s) to be posted in the chat box).

    Speaker FAQs

    Who should I contact if there are any last minute changes to my Run of Show?

    Your “Run of Show” is a live Google document. Please be sure to keep your changes on the live link, so that WILD always has the latest version.

    If changes have been made, after your Tech Check, please contact

    What should I do if I have trouble logging in on the day?

    Please contact, or Whatsapp Chloe on +1 205-410-0578. In your first message, please be sure to include your name, and as much information about your session as possible. 

    If you are having issues with the Whova platform itself, please contact

    How do I share links and articles with the audience?

    Please drop any links and resources into your Run of Show. We will then populate the session ‘chat’ with your provided links.

    If you would like links posted before the session starts, please put the link at the top of your ‘Run of Show’. If you would like it posted at a specific time, please insert into the relevant time of your run of show.

    After the session, the WILD team will populate the Community Thread “Resources Shared During Sessions”.

    What on-line conference platform is the WILD Forum being delivered on this year?

    We use a platform called Whova. We have chosen this platform specifically for its unique and robust networking capabilities. Specifically, our ‘Find a Mentor’ option, allows individuals to signal whether they would like to be a mentor, and to highlight which three (3) areas they can mentor in. Participants are able to browse possible mentors, and reach out to them directly via the platform.

    As a speaker, you will be broadcasting via Zoom but you also have a virtual pass to log in to the Whova platform, and participate in all sessions and networking opportunities that the 2023 WILD Forum has to offer.

    Please login via this link here:

    I already submitted my information via the Google Form, is this the same thing?

    No, the Google Form allowed us to capture your Speaker details, so that we could contact you to confirm your session details and tech check etc. It also allowed us to populate your Speaker Profile, as well as your lower third information.

    Logging in to the Whova platform is separate to this. This is the platform where the WILD Forum will take place. Here, you can view other sessions, and connect with other individuals within the global development sector.

    If you haven’t already registered, please do so via this link:

    Select “1” in the Quantity Dropdown, enter your discount code to bypass payment, click “apply” and then click “next” to proceed to registration.

    Your discount code was either provided by Chloe ( or your organization’s delegation leader.

    When is my session for the 2023 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum?

    You should have a calendar invite from, this invite will include your session date/time, as well as 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes post – the extra time allows for any tech or timing issues that may occur during the live Forum.

    How do I access my session?

    You will be broadcasting your talk via a Zoom link that will be included in your calendar invite.

    In order to join the Zoom session, you will need to have a Zoom account. We will ensure you are properly set up during your WILD Forum tech check.

    Can I see the chat/interact with my audience during the session?

    Your session moderator will be looking for questions in the chat, and they will share their selected questions live during your sessions. Depending on your type of session, you will also be able to log into the Whova platform and view the chat within the Whova window. You may respond directly in the chat, or you can answer the question on camera.  

    You are also welcome to engage in the chat, after your session is complete. You can also keep an eye out on the Community Board, in case participants have started a discussion thread on your topic.

    Is my Zoom link a closed link?

    The link that you are using to join the session is available only to speakers.The audience will engage via the chat within the Whova portal.

    Can I participate in the whole WILD Forum, or am I only able to join for my session?

    Your registration allows for full WILD Forum participation. We encourage you to join us for other sessions, and enjoy knowledge-sharing from your peers, and networking with other individuals within the global development sector, at all stages of their career.

    Is my session recorded?

    Yes, all main agenda sessions are recorded. These will be made available to all WILD Forum participants for 90 days. After that, select sessions will be made available on the WILD Network Learning Hub

    What is the WILD Network Leadership Self-Assessment?

    This is an exciting addition to the WILD Forum this year. We are delighted to be able to offer all attendees access to a new tool developed just for this event, the WILD Network Leadership Attributes Self-Assessment.

    You received a custom link from Click through to fill out the questionnaire and receive your personalized Leadership Attributes Report.

    You will gain valuable tailored insights into your strengths and development areas as a leader. You can also use the results to plan which sessions to attend at the WILD Forum.

    Notify me with 2025 WILD Forum updates

    We’ll be announcing details of speakers, sessions and other information ahead of the event – register here and be the first to know!

    By submitting your details, you consent to receiving emails from WILD.

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