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    The future of leadership

    2025 Women’s Global Leadership Forum

    May 7 | In-person in Washington DC

    May 13 – 15 | Online

    Live programming in 25 timezones

    Why am I submitting an application, if I already have been offered a confirmed place in the program?/ Why are my employees asked to submit an application if our company has confirmed spaces in the program?

    The purpose of the application is to help you/the applicant determine if they are ready for the substantial commitment of time and energy that coaching requires. To gain full value from the coaching effort, the applicant must:

    • Be ready to make personal leadership coaching a priority. Will show up to scheduled coaching sessions on time, ready to work and is open to making behavioral changes in their professional and personal lives.
    • Be willing to be responsive during the coaching process.
    • Attend every session, fully present, free of other distractions, and prepared to participate and engage with their coach.
    • Follow through to the best of their ability on agreed decisions and action steps, and report progress on those actions.

    What if I start the coaching program and then change employers / my employee leaves our company?

    Once the coaching begins, the relationship is between the coach and the coaching client. It does not stop if the employer changes. The opportunity is non-transferable and in the scenario that a coaching client departs an employer, unfortunately the company cannot propose an alternative employee for the coaching.

    What if I am not ready for coaching now, can I participate in a future cohort?

    WILD cannot guarantee availability in a future cohort. Please speak to us about your circumstances so we can see what is possible. We strongly discourage people from starting the coaching process if they feel that they aren’t ready to make the commitment at this time.

    What on-line conference platform is the WILD Forum being delivered on this year?

    All of the leadership coaches who are part of this program are seasoned coaches. There are some rare cases where either the client or the coach may not feel that there is a good fit. This should be flagged to the leadership coaching program coordinator before the third coaching session and WILD will explore re-assigning the coaching client to a new coach.

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