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    Lead at every level, everywhere

    2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum

    May 8-9 | Virtual

    Leadership Attributes

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    Access valuable insights from the WILD Network’s
    ‘Personal leadership attributes’ assessment

    Your growth as a leader begins with understanding your own strengths and untapped potential. And at WILD, we know to address the challenges the world faces, we need transformational, authentic, and inclusive leadership. 

    This is why we developed the WILD Leadership Attributes Framework and Questionnaire specifically for women leaders. Through your personalized assessment, you will gain access to key insights into your own leadership style and skills, while providing the pathway for further growth and development.

    Your assessment results focus on nine key competencies, drawn into three leadership attributes clusters. Within each area is an interpretation of your results along with some development reminders. We encourage you to use your results to identify the best sessions for you and then use the content from these sessions to complete the Development Planning Template. Integrate this into your existing development plan and continue growing and learning beyond our forum. You can view a sample profile here.

    You can also use your Leadership Attributes Profile results to plan which sessions to attend at the 2024 virtual Forum.

    The WILD Network – Leadership attributes framework

    The nine key competency attributes are categorized into three main clusters:
    1) Personal
    2) Cognitive
    3) Inter-personal

    The competencies are drawn from established leadership development theory that reliably predict performance – the bread-and-butter of leading competency frameworks used by market leaders SHL, Korn Ferry and YSC.

    Leadership attributes triangle showing three behavioral clusters

    Personal cluster

    Execution & adaptability: Having a results orientation and a drive to deliver; focusing on excellence; effectively prioritizing, organizing and planning work to enable execution; being resilient and adaptable; promoting achievements

    Authentic self-awareness: Being self-aware and authentic about self; acknowledging and owning mistakes; acting as a role model of integrity and being trustworthy.

    Cognitive cluster

    Strategic thinking: Seeing the ‘bigger picture’, interconnections and systemic factors involved in situations; taking a long-range, future-focused perspective.

    Business decision-making: Taking accountability for making decisions; making logical, timely decisions and critically evaluating key data and business metrics to inform outcomes.

    Innovation: Generating new and creative ideas; seeking opportunities for continuous improvement; being open to risk­-taking and using new technologies; challenging conventional approaches.

    Interpersonal cluster

    Inclusivity & cultural sensitivity: Encouraging and enabling diversity and inclusion; demonstrating cultural sensitivity; thinking about impact on others in different regions

    Relationship building: Effectively navigating complex relationships; building rapport with ease and demonstrating empathy and compassion for others; networking widely.

    Communicating with impact: Communicating clearly and with passion and conviction to engage others; inspiring and motivating others; continually driving engagement and morale; having the courage to say what needs to be said; effectively navigating organizational politics.

    Leading & developing others: Leading and coordinating the work of teams; breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration; seeking development opportunities for others and encouraging learning and growth; focusing on succession planning and talent development.

    We have gone a step further and also highlight emerging leadership attributes that reflect up-to-the-minute leadership theory. 

    We believe that mission-driven global organizations – and those they help – can benefit from everyone having the self-belief, skills, and supportive environment that lets them access the full power of their creativity, energy, and experience. And to achieve that, we need empowered, authentic, and inclusive leaders at the fore.

    Start your journey now.

    Register for the Women’s Global Leadership Conference and gain access to your Personal Leadership Attributes Assessment. The assessment questionnaire takes only 15-minutes to complete and then your personal Leadership Attributes Profile will be generated right away.

    Our practical, evidence-based framework will help you strategically target your leadership development activities at WILD’s Forum and beyond, and is included for free with every ticket. Now you can focus on the areas that will most significantly increase your impact and decide where and how to invest your time during and beyond our conference.

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    The framework also provides high-quality data on the leadership development needs of people across the global development sector. That data supports our wider mission to communicate the value of leadership development to organizations across the sector, multiplying the rate of positive change.

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