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    WILD’s C-Suite Leadership Forum

    In-person in Washington DC
    May 7 | 8.30am – 11am ET

    WILD forum attendees listening to conference

    C-Suite Leadership Forum: Navigating What’s Next

    In-person in Washington DC | May 7 | 8.30am – 11am ET

    Be part of the C-Suite Leadership Forum for an exclusive event where executives (of all genders) come together with their chosen senior female leader “plus 1”. 

    Immerse yourself in candid conversations with C-suite peers, tackle critical workforce trends in the global development industry, and tap into world-class curated content for actionable insights to elevate your leadership.

    Complimentary tickets provided to sponsors of, and those purchasing 10+ tickets to send a delegation to, the virtual 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum.

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    Key highlights:

    • Exclusive networking opportunity with executive leaders
    • Expert-led discussions on industry trends and best practices
    • Valuable insights for career growth and leadership development
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    While the C-Suite-specific programming concludes at 11am, we warmly invite you to join the Aiming High Symposium, which runs until 4:30 PM. We have a compelling lineup planned, featuring speakers and panels that promise to be as enriching as they are inspiring. Your presence would undoubtedly enhance the experience, not only for yourself but for all attendees.

    Executives confirmed to participate

    As of 02/17/2024

    Abt Associates

    • Kathleen Flanagan (President & CEO)
    • Mariandrea Chamorro (VP Global Development Deliver)
    • Jessen Carroll (VP Human Resources)


    • Sylvia Megret (President & CEO)

    ADRA International

    • Sonya Funna (Vice President, Sustainable Development)

    Counterpart International

    • Ann Hudock (President & CEO)
    • Camille Richardson (Vice President, Women’s Empowerment)

    Conservation International

    • Janet Edmond (Senior Director, Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Conservation)


    • Sarah Helmstadter (Senior Vice President, US Government Business)
    • Tine Knott (Executive Vice President)

    FHI 360

    • Tessie San Martin (CEO)
    • Useetha Rhodes (Chief People Officer)

    JA Worldwide

    • Asheesh Advani (CEO)


    • Jennifer Trainor (Chief Marketing Officer)
    • Vila-Sheree Watson (Senior Director, Donor Marketing)

    Purdue Applied Research Institute

    • John Glover (Executive Direct0r)

    RTI International

    • Paul Weisenfeld (Executive Vice President)
    • Nicole Barnes (Senior Vice President, International Development)

    Tetra Tech

    • Thomas Reilly (Division President, Global Development Services)

    C-Suite Leadership Forum programming

    8:15 am


    8:30 am – 9:00 am

    Continental breakfast & networking

    9:15 am – 9:30 am

    C-Suite Leadership Forum kick-off

    SpeakersFiona Macaulay (Founder-CEO, The WILD Network)

    9:30 am – 10:00 am

    Panel: Navigating changing workforce dynamics in the C-Suite

    Session description

    In an era defined by unprecedented changes in workforce dynamics, C-Suite executives find themselves at the helm of organizations undergoing transformative shifts.

    This panel curated for executives, dissects the challenges and opportunities that come with the changing nature of the workforce amidst evolving workforce and industry expectations.

    Following the plenary, exchange experiences with peers in a roundtable discussion.

    SpeakersSarah Helmstadter (President, DAI), Stephanie Oueda Cruz (Former Advisor to the President – Gender, Diversity and Inclusion, Inter-American Development Bank)

    10:00 am – 10:20 am

    Panel: Leading with vision & adaptability

    SpeakersPaul Weisenfeld (Executive Vice President, RTI International), Liz Schrayer (President & CEO, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition USGLC))

    10:20 am – 10:50 am

    Breakouts: Roundtable discussions

    10:50 am – 11:10 am

    Networking break

    C-Suite programming ends

    C-Suite Leaders are invited to join the Aiming High Symposium which runs until 4:15 pm. We have a compelling lineup, featuring speakers and panels that promise to be as enriching as they are inspiring.

    Aiming High Symposium programming

    11:15 am – 12:30 pm

    Keynote: Overcoming hurdles to change the face of leadership

    Session description

    Join us for a thought-provoking session led by renowned keynote speaker Jennifer McCollum, drawing from over 25 years of in-depth research into the unique challenges women encounter in the US workforce. Jennifer’s expertise offers invaluable guidance and empowerment for women aiming to propel their careers forward, while also providing actionable insights for organizations committed to fostering gender equity across all levels.

    This session serves as a platform for global development industry leaders to build upon research findings, sharing personal anecdotes and lessons from their own leadership journeys. Together, we’ll explore the intricate dynamics of gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace, shedding light on the barriers that women commonly face and the strategies required to overcome them.

    Through engaging discussions and practical examples, attendees will gain:

    • Insights into the specific hurdles and biases that can hinder women’s advancement
    • Strategies for navigating challenges and leveraging opportunities to achieve professional success
    • Practical advice for organizations seeking to create inclusive environments and promote gender equity
    • Inspiration from real-world leadership stories, illustrating the transformative impact of diverse perspectives and inclusive leadership practices

    SpeakersJennifer McCollum (CEO & Author, “In her own voice: Overcoming hurdles to change the face of leadership”), Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey (Global Head of Inclusion for Women of Color, Google)

    12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

    Lunch & Networking

    1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

    Interactive Workshop: Lessons Learned – Chemonics’ Employee Resource Group (ERG) efforts

    Session description

    Employee resource groups are resources for communities to celebrate their identities, promote stronger bonds between each other, educate the broader organization, and drive innovation. Chemonics’ ERGs have grown into a sophisticated network that engages the global workforce, fosters community, and creates high standards across the company.

    Join ERG leaders to learn more about Chemonics’ ERG efforts and the lessons learned.

    SpeakersArielle Berghammer-Ziegler (Advisor – Office of the CEO, Chemonics International), Georgina Addo (Program Manager, Chemonics International), Gwynn Pollard (Process Improvement Specialist, Chemonics International)

    1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

    Interactive workshop: Leading gender inclusive organizational change

    Speakers: Mara Bolis (Associate director of women’s economic rights, gender justice & inclusion hub, Oxfam America), Alivelu Ramisetty (Chief Gender Justice & Inclusion Officer, Oxfam America)

    3:05 pm – 3:45 pm

    Keynote: Success under stress: Powerful tools for staying calm, confident and productive when the pressure’s on

    Speakers: Sharon Melnick PhD (CEO, Horizon Point Inc.)

    3:45 pm – 4:05 pm

    Reflection: How does this apply to me?

    4:05 pm – 4:30 pm

    What are you taking away from today?

    Speakers: Fiona Macaulay (Founder-CEO, The WILD Network)

    Draft program subject to change without notice


    What is WILD's C-Suite Leadership Forum: Navigating what's next

    The C-Suite Leadership Forum is for senior executive leaders. Select WILD Forum partnership tiers have been allocated tickets for their CEOs and, depending on the agreement, their plus ones.

    What does my ticket include?

    Your ticket includes access to the in-person, The C-Suite Leadership Forum: Navigating what’s next event on Tuesday, May 7, 8.30-11am ET. Ticket holders are welcome to stay for the Aiming High Symposium which runs until 4:15 pm.

    Your ticket also includes access to the virtual 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum (May 8-9). Tickets to the virtual WILD Forum include 6 months of leadership development opportunities (learn more).


    Who will attend the WILD's C-Suite Leadership Forum

    The C-Suite Leadership Forum is for senior executive leaders. WILD Forum partners and organizations sending a delegation of 10 or more, have been allocated tickets for their CEOs and, depending on the level of commitment, their plus one(s) senior female leader(s).

    When and where will the C-Suite Leadership Forum take place?

    The C-Suite Leadership Forum will take place on Tuesday, May 7 from 8.30am – 11am ET @1275 New Jersey Ave., SE, Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20003.

    On the same day, at the same venue, WILD is hosting the Aiming High Symposium – open to all global development, humanitarian aid professionals, and social changemakers in the DMV. After the C-Suite Leadership Forum, we invite you to join our Aiming High Symposium which will run until 4:15pm.

    I cannot stay for the entirety of the day, will any of the sessions be recorded?

    The content for this event will be delivered live, and will not be broadcast. We hope that you will stay for the duration of the day, including WILD’s Aiming High Symposium (8.30am – 4pm ET), but understand if time does not permit.

    Can I give my ticket to someone else?

    Tickets to WILD’s C-Suite Leadership Forum are non-transferable. They are intended for the partner organization’s CEO (or equivalent), and their plus one rising leader. If your circumstances change, and you are unable to attend, please contact Chloe Holmes,

    Is there a cost associated with attending the C-Suite Leadership Forum?

    Attendance is by invitation only. Complimentary tickets to the C-Suite Leadership Forum have been issued to sponsoring organizations. If sponsoring organizations wish to purchase more tickets, the cost is USD 350.

    All tickets to the C-Suite Leadership Forum have access to the virtual Women’s Global Leadership Forum, May 8-9.

    Can I bring a "plus one"?

    C-Suite Leadership Forum is for CEOs (of all genders) to participate in the breakfast with their senior female rising leader(s). Organization have been allocated guest spaces commensurate with your sponsor/delegation level. Cost to purchase tickets to bring additional female senior leaders: USD 295.

    Who should I contact if I have more questions or need assistance with my registration?

    For any additional questions or assistance with your registration for WILD’s C-Suite Leadership Forum, please reach out to Chloe (

    Is there limited seating at WILD's C-Suite Leadership Forum?

    Yes. Space is limited and it is recommended to RSVP as early as possible.

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