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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

Forget Diversity—Now Let’s Talk About Equity

AMB. Bonnie Jenkins, Founder & Executive Director, Women of Color Advancing Peace


A great deal of talk recently has been on the issue of diversity, an important issue no doubt. In many areas of peace and security, including in the field of development, there is a long way to go to ensure we have a diversity of voices and perspectives represented. Diverse voices help to ensure that actions and decisions are the best that they can be because results will represent the myriad of possibilities and ways of thinking and approaches. However, also important is equity. Why? Because equity helps to ensure that what is being decided and implement is fair and impartial. You may have a diverse workforce, but you may still have a situation where those who are not the dominant culture are not provided with equal opportunities or are not treated fair when decisions are made.

Join this discussion on the “E” within Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and why equity is also an important part of a well-functioning and healthy work environment. How do you recognize when equity is lacking, and share your thoughts on how we can work together to address that a gap in the fair treatment of individuals.

Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security (WCAPS)

Gender Equity Track: Gender Inclusive Culture and Practices