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About Us

We equip social innovators to multiply their impact

Three women sat in discussion

Hunger, poverty, disease, climate change, environmental destruction, economic and gender inequality, social injustice… These are just some of the immense challenges that people like you are tackling every day.

WILD exists to inspire and empower visionary leaders across the global development and humanitarian aid sectors – so you can solve the world’s challenges, faster.

Through leadership development programs and events, we foster the exchange of ideas, tools, insights and perspectives to enable you to become a strong and inclusive leader.

We help organizations understand the value of investing in their leaders, and address the barriers that underrepresented groups (such as women) in this sector face. And we actively invite men and dominant groups into the conversation about building more inclusive workplaces.

Together, we are building global communities of purposeful people, so that development organizations – and those they help – can benefit from everyone in the sector having the self-belief, skills and supportive environment to access the full power of your creativity, energy and experience.

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Our focus on actionable information is supporting organizations around the globe to take new actions that drive gender inclusion.

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Why I started WILD

I’ve heard from thousands of people across the international development sector who want the tools to grow their impact.

Visionary leaders provide the momentum for effective international development. By equipping and empowering these leaders, with the leadership tools we can increase their impact and solve the world’s toughest challenges, faster.

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What you’ll gain from WILD events

Get actionable insights

You leave every WILD event with concrete, transferable learning that you can apply to your life and your organization immediately. We share research-based models, tools and techniques from internationally recognized leadership development experts and from the global development and aid sectors.

Contribute to the conversation

Inequitable environments are detrimental to everyone working in them – and meaningful change can only happen when everyone is involved. That’s why we welcome and include male and dominant perspectives alongside underrepresented voices in our conversations around inclusion.

Step into leadership opportunities

Regardless of your career stage or job role, you are in a position to shape and impact your workplace. We connect leaders at different stages of their careers to learn from one another’s experiences and inspire each other to greater effectiveness in their own context.

Hear from different voices

Expanding our understanding of others’ experiences and points of view lets us become more empathetic and inclusive leaders. To facilitate this and challenge unconscious bias around “expertise”, we invite people from across backgrounds, countries and leadership levels to shape our events, offer fully-funded WILD Forum fellowships to women in aid recipient countries, and hold open calls for speakers.

Celebrate achievement

By unpacking what went right, we can also learn from each other’s successes – and take away proven strategies to apply elsewhere.

The story so far

Since we launched in 2018, we’ve run 5 WILD Forums, 30 courses and online events, and welcomed 4000 people to our events.

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